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After my son’s (16) “Corey Party”, you would never know it happened!! Thanks Glen and Marty.

Veronica Meade

My carpets look fresh and almost new. Stains I though would be impossible to remove are no longer there. A miracle clean.

Gloria White

I’ve had my carpets cleaned often in the past; the job done by Jumbuck was much more thorough with better results.

Kay Hayward

I had my carpets cleaned 2 years and the service has been as good as the last visit. The cleaning of the carpets was very good and the people were polite and friendly.

Considering our carpets are getting old and worn the clean was well done. One of the rugs was extremely dirty and I had my doubts whether it could be cleaned. Your technicians did a good job.

Mrs E Attard

It’s the best clean the carpet has had in years. Not that it wasn’t cleaned professionally but it was always left rather wet and greyish looking when it’s brown/bone in colour.

Mrs Gibson

You can’t improve, reliable, professional punctual men, friendly and informative. Have tried others but Jumbuck does it better. Stains come back in a short space of time with others, but not with Jumbuck.

Nola Robbins

Fit was wonderful to have such fantastic service for cleaning my carpets. The little “extras” were much appreciated.

Fiona Forsyth

Recently visited a friend whose carpet had just been cleaned by you & I thought it looked very good.

My 2 couches look like new again, and the carpet (20 yrs old) came up really well. I was extremely pleased with the result. Both men were most helpful and professional.

Kath Camilleri

We have used you before. The level of service received is still exceptional! We have used other carpet cleaning services in the past and nothing comes close to the results Jumbuck achieves.

Helen Moore

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