The carpets in your home or workplace more than often will ugly out before it wears out. It endures a massive amount of mistreatment from all kinds of causes, with stains from urine, soft drink and red wine spills, coffee and tea stains, soiling, food-stains such as curry and mustard, furniture stains, plant foods, medications and a lot more.

You can have colour loss for a variety of reasons such as sun-fade, acne medication, foot creams, bleach spills, insecticides, and even some cleaning products.

In most cases our highly trained technicians can remove stains that many people think would be impossible, however miracles can’t always be achieved. That is when you may need to think spot dying or recolouring your carpet. Whether it’s a whole room or a small bleach mark we can help.

Carpets and rugs made from wool and/or nylon can be recoloured with ease. However carpets made from polypropylene (Olefin), cotton and some other fibres, along with worn or deteriorated carpets or rugs cannot be effectively recoloured.

Our IICRC Certified Colour Repair Technicians, who have had training from both the world renowned Jena Dyco and Chris Howell from Colorful Carpets in the USA, are experts in fibre identification and will give you an honest assessment of your carpets or rugs.

So if your carpets or rugs has got to the ugly stage and it’s not worn out, whether it’s in your home or work place, we can help.  Call now on 1800 787 184 or email

Stuborn Stains:

Stubborn stains such as soft drinks, pet stains, furniture and coffee stains can be successfully removed by Jumbuck Cleaning & Restoration. We approach these types of problems as colour issues, not simply as stains. Your stain may need to be bleached and then colour added, our colour expertise will ensure that unsightly stains and discolorations are gone for good.

Have stubborn stains? Call us on 1800 787 184.

Faded Carpets:

Carpets that have faded from sun light or chemical exposure may be restored back to their original colour through the expert colour restoration services of Jumbuck Cleaning & Restoration. Dyes are guaranteed permanent and colourfast, and freshly-dyed carpet may be walked on immediately. Our process is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Would you like your carpets to look new again? Call today.

Have faded carpet? Call us on 1800 787 184.

Jumbuck Cleaning & Restoration provides a cost-effective solution to an otherwise permanent problem. Why not give us a call today to get those unsightly stains removed for good? While we’re at it, we can treat your carpet with MicroSeal to permanently protect your carpet from future possible spills.

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